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Protecting Your Firm and Client Data from Cyber and Security Breaches

  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA, Inc NY (map)

Rob Kleeger moderated and presented on a session which explored how to protect your firm and your clients' confidential information from falling into the hands of "hackers."

The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 aims to protect crucial American computer infrastructure by giving oversight to the Department of Homeland Security. Experts say it’s possible that large firms and corporate legal departments could be impacted and find themselves reporting security procedures to the federal government, or face fines and public scrutiny.

The panel will provide a broad stroke overview and incident response using digital forensic investigations for a possible breach. They will also discuss not only ways cyber attacks are being made against firms and how your client information is getting into the hands of people outside your firm, but how you can protect that information. Issues that will be addressed include:

  • Data encryption for your network and mobile devices 
  • Protecting confidential information that passes through office imaging equipment
  • Security measures for sending documents to production
  • Fraud prevention in online banking