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E-Discovery Session for Seton Hall Law School Students

  • Seton Hall Law School (map)

Rob Kleeger will return to Professor Fernando Pinguelo’s e-discovery class for an "In Class Simulation."  Students will get their fact patterns for the simulation in a Q&A of Mr. Kleeger.

The first portion of the class will be Rob Kleeger playing the role of an IT director for a Defendant in a contract breach claim.  His role then will shift to be the role of a highly compensated CIO who plays the corporate politics game extremely well, yet doesn’t really know much about technology other than throwing around buzzwords and techie acronyms.  

The students use probing questions to determine what the respective Plaintiff and Defendant’s IT Data Map looks like in order to properly identify, preserve, and prepare for a meet and confer conference in the upcoming weeks. 

The third “act” will be the meet and confer where both attorneys simulate a joint discovery plan in preparation for a Case Management conference with the Judge.