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Digital4nx Group selected to participate in CFO Innovation Conference

Organizations face the threat of corporate fraud and other crimes on a daily basis – which must mean that the adage, “crime doesn’t pay,” is not believed by all.  Threats lie not only outside a company’s gates, but also within them.  

CFOs and other finance executives are, for many organizations, responsible for building protective measures, investigating improper activities, charting responses, and interfacing with government agencies.

Rob Kleeger, Founder and Managing Partner of Digital4nx Group, Ltd. will be participating in this dynamic and interesting panel discussion about how finance executives handle instances of corporate fraud, including commentary by a certified fraud examiner, former Assistant United States Attorney, general counsel, and an FBI Special Agent who has investigated cases with criminal implications, and others.

The CFO Innovation Conference and Awards (the “CFO Innovation Conference”), will be THE event of 2015 for CFOs and other C-Suite executives from middle and large market companies in the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania area. The CFO Innovation Conference will celebrate innovation and leadership in the role of CFO, and will address the CFO’s on-going evolution in the public, private, private equity, and not-for-profit enterprise.

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