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Breach Notification in the Real World: A Case Study from the Trenches!


LRG Members Uri Gutfreund and Rob Kleeger will be presenting on whether cyber security readiness in place in your firm? Many of the largest corporate clients are demanding that their law firms take more steps to guard against online intrusions that could compromise sensitive information. Data breaches, hacking, phishing, malicious insider activity, and other cybercrimes, not to mention employee and third-party vendor carelessness or negligence, can lead to data and proprietary information loss, economic loss, civil and regulatory litigation exposure, fines, remediation costs, and irreparable damage to your law firm's brand and reputation. Rob Kleeger will be co-presenting this session where attendees will learn the practical steps they can take today to mitigate their firm's liability.


  • Identify the key cyber- and data-related risks facing law firms today and how can they be mitigated
  • Determine the laws, regulations, and ethics rules applicable to law firms with respect to cybersecurity and ethics liability
  • Analyze whether general liability or professional liability insurance will cover the costs of a cybersecurity breach
  • Summarize the steps to take after a data breach is detected
  • Choose what actions to take to alleviate data breaches and ensure cybersecurity