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Gutfreund and Kleeger selected to speak at ALA’s 2015 Business of Law Conferences...


LRG Members Rob Kleeger and Uri Gutfreund were selected to be a co-presenters at the ALA’s 2015 Business of Law Conferences.  The conferences provide identical education across three convenient U.S. geographical locations. The high caliber educational content is geared toward the needs of legal management leaders and functional specialists in the business of law. Conference attendees will gain insight from experts on profitability, innovation, strategy, leadership and other hot topics relating to the legal industry and include intensive networking opportunities with peers and business partners. The Business of Law Conferences host an expo featuring the latest in legal management products, market intelligence, services and technology.

There will be two sessions broken into practical strategies and solutions that law firms can implement to lessen the threat and mitigate the losses from cyber-security events.  

The first session will discuss the best practices about data protection and data breach policies,  explain an overview of legal regulations, Federal and State data breach notification requirements, prepare for common security breaches and estimate the potential costs of data breach, determine best practices and tips for better data security, and examine what insurance products makes sense and what's a waste of money.

The second session will discuss how to identify the key cyber- and data-related risks facing law firms today and how can they be mitigated, determine the laws, regulations, and ethics rules applicable to law firms with respect to cyber-security and ethics liability, analyze whether general liability or professional liability insurance will cover the costs of a cyber-security breach, summarize the steps to take after a data breach is detected, choose what actions to take to alleviate data breaches and ensure cyber-security... all while participating in an interactive law firm data breach simulation.