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Is Your Firm the Next Target for Hackers?


LRG Members Rob Kleeger and Uri Gutfreund  will presenting on whether it's a hacked website, a lost laptop, or a stolen iPhone™, your daily business practices put you at risk. It is only a matter of time until a firm falls prey to the myriad of risks related to the abuse of information and theft of funds in your care: from a disgruntled employee to foreign hackers looking to exploit a weak link in the US financial system. There are practical strategies and solutions that you can implement at your firm to lessen the threat and mitigate the losses from these events.

Rob Kleeger and his panel of experts in law, tech and insurance to discover what you need to do to protect your firm.


  • Discuss the best practices about data protection and data breach policies
  • Explain an overview of legal regulations, Federal and State data breach notification requirements
  • Prepare for common security breaches and estimate the potential costs of data breach
  • Determine best practices and tips for better data security
  • Examine what insurance products makes sense and what's a waste of money