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Rob Kleeger returns to speak to The Joseph Halpern-David Furman American Inns of Court.

  • SOPHIES BISTRO Somerset NJ (map)

Rob Kleeger has been asked to return in May to speak to The Joseph Halpern-David Furman American Inns of Court. The presentation is entitled: “10 Things Attorneys Should Know About Digital Forensics, eDiscovery, the Cloud, and Cyber Security"

Brief Overview:

It is a fact of modern life that an enormous volume of information is created, exchanged, and stored electronically in our usiness and ersonal lives.  ore commonly, a majority of legal cases involve a digital spect that, if properly uncovered and examined, digital evidence an help build stronger cases and occasionally to force settlements.  Recovering a particular email, a deleted memo, or the date and time a web page was printed can be critical to a legal matter.  More often than not, discovering when, how, and who created the digital information can be equally important and perhaps the smoking gun.  In other instances finding hidden or deleted financial information on a computer is the key to a strong case.  
Alternatively, very law firm is vulnerable to cyber security breaches, just like virtually any other business today. However, law firms are particularly attractive targets for hackers. At the same time, law firms are subject to not only the laws that apply to any other businesses, but to legal ethics rules as well.

  • What is igital orensics?
  • Understanding the forensic Imaging process
  • Types of ESI (Electronically Stored Information)
  • What really happens to "deleted" files
  • yber Threats Landscape
  • Security Risks and Threats Associated with Cloud Computing
  • Hypothetical Case Study’
  • Best Practices and Tips to implement Immediately

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